Family gallery wall

I only brought it up a million years ago, but now I have finally done it!

I went and DIY'd myself a little family gallery wall!
*pats self on back*

 Bad quality photos brought to you by forest fire smoke blocking out any semblance of sunlight

Our hallway is insanely long, and originally I had the idea I would add photos all the way down it towards the bonus room. I only had enough room in my cart for a few frames, but honestly I am loving the way it turned out. I think it makes just enough impact without having gone too crazy. Who knows, I still might add as time goes on...but for now, it will do!

p.s-those are Ikea frames and are very inexpensive and easy to hang!

It makes me smile everytime I walk up those steps. Love this little family of mine. 

6 Months

...the halfway mark. This number really puts things into prespective. 

6 more months until V is one (must start planning party ;)
6 more months until maternity leave ends (Booo)
6 more months of cramming in some good old quality family time (Upcoming vacation=yay!)
6 more months of growth (my awe at his ever changing personality and looks!)

This past month saw a lot of changes for my little guy. Most notably his hair growth-haha. It's really coming in now! He looks like a wee man.

But seriously, this month saw us sleep training (hello 11 hours straight. My under eye bags thank you), starting solids (hilarious), more than doubling in weight (15lbs now, still a bit on the small side but growing steady). V also saw his grandma for the first time since he was a month old. All in all a great month! I just can't believe how fast the time is passing...

Five Months

My little nugget is 5 months old! I feel like I always say this, but this is my favourite month so far. He has really discovered his voice and loves listening to the sounds that come out of his mouth. Loves it even more if we imitate him. It is so cute to watch him talk himself to sleep on the monitor.

V loves his jolly jumper, although he hasn't quite figured out it's for jumping. He tries so hard to walk towards me when I sit on the other end of the kitchen (the JJ is on our pantry door). Or he just twirls around and stares at the shelves. Probably reminds him of the grocery store, his other favourite activity ; )

Sleep is going well-about 8-10 hours straight at night, feed, then back to bed. Not going to lie, the interrupted night sleep for the past 5 months is starting to catch up to me...but at the same time I feel like I am used to it? Welcome to life with a baby :)

We officially booked our first vacation-Phoenix in September. Vince will be almost 7 months by then. I think it will be a great age for the trip and am really looking forward to some family time.
I just hope he's a natural with travel!!!