Nursery Inspiration

We are officially a few weeks into living at our new place and absolutely love it!
I keep saying it feels like living in mansion, moving from 800 sq ft to almost 1800.

There are still boxes in every room, waiting to be unpacked. As I slowly make my way through them, I keep reminding myself of my "reward" once I am done the other rooms....tackling the nursery!
But that hasn't stopped me from daydreaming!

Since we are not finding out the sex, I want a very soft and completely gender neutral nursery. The walls are currently a soft yellow-green, which will remain the same. Accent colours will most likely be in greys and taupe's to match the rest of the house.

The "theme" will be birds and baby owls, and I am already scheming up a few DIY's to personalize the space. Can't wait to share how it turns out in a few months, but in the meantime, here is my inspiration board:

Bird Mobile: Etsy
Prints: Etsy
Stuffy: Indigo
Owl lamp: Urban Barn

Book Club

This book club post is going to be all guessed books!

Before we started trying, I picked up a few books to get a head start on "research" (Can you tell I am Type A, or what?). Here are a few of the books I have read before and during my pregnancy so far.

A friend lent this book to me when she found out I was expecting, and I have to say it is really neat! It goes day by day (obviously) with neat facts, medical info, what to expect and photos of the developing fetus. It's fun to pop open every once in awhile, to check in on what your baby is up to :)

This is a book that another mommy friend recommended to me. I had a few questions and was generally interested in learning more about breastfeeding, so I picked it up. I have to say after reading a few chapters, it isn't for me.  It definitely leans more towards the natural, at home birth method and exclusive breastfeeding tone (which is fine, but sometimes came across as preachy). I stopped reading the book after it mentioned how wild animals lick their babies clean and that human mothers should do the same. Um, No thanks ; )

These are hands down my favourite Pregnancy and Baby books. I picked up the pregnancy book before I was expecting and devoured it. I love that it comes from a very practical, medical standpoint and never felt preachy, or 'too much information' at all. Some pregnancy books can almost be a little alarmist with all the information they throw at you. Not the case with this one.

Personally, I am a bit more easy going about the pregnancy side of things than the thought of raising a tiny human, so the "Baby's first year" was a great start to feeling a little more prepared. It has been a huge help in learning more about what to expect that important first year. I know I will refer to it often once our kiddo arrives

This one is for my other baby on the fur baby!
Bernedoodles are a relatively new dog breed, and this Canadian breeder has so many fun stories and great tips on how to care and raise them.

Can you believe our little pup arrives in less than 2 weeks?! I am SO excited

Life, Lately

And just like that...we are finally in!

We spent last weekend moving into our new home. It went surprisingly well, thanks to my awesome mother in law, some helpful friends and our POD rental.
I won't mention that I lost our Dining room table bolts after being entrusted with them, and keeping them safe for two whole months, only to have them turn up the day I ordered new ones. Funny how the universe works. 

Oh, and purchasing some of the showhome furniture really made a difference in not having to lug around the heavy stuff!
For that I was especially grateful.

Here are a few photos from our move:

Welcome Home! Exhausted but happy :)

 Scott purchased a 'Bed in a box' online. Literally a mattress rolled up into a small box. 
I made so much fun of him for it, but it is so, so good! Like...the best mattress ever.

 Let the decorating fun begin!

 Love me a white kitchen

Baby bump selfie (4 months)
Can I just say that it's insane how I can wake up and not look pregnant and go to bed looking super preggo! In the bumps defense, I did have pizza for dinner ;)

 Super happy to not be living out of boxes anymore

There you have it! The next few weeks (or months even) will be spent organizing and unpacking.
I can't wait to get started on decorating to personalize our new home!