Beautiful Colorado Springs

Hi there! So, that was a longer than planned break.

Since I checked in last, we have officially finished packing, moving out (thanks to Steve and Deb for the moving help), moving in (in-laws basement) and I also squeezed in a visit to the US to visit my Dad.

I had been a year and a half since I had seen my Dad, what felt like forever. He was posted to Colorado Springs from Kingston when he accepted a job with NORAD. It was so nice to see him, and hang out just the two of us.

We spent the whole trip taking day drives and exploring all that Colorado has to offer. It definitely rivals Alberta (and even bears some resemblance to Arizona) with it's breathtaking views and scenery.

I don't think it will be my last visit...

 Garden of the Gods

 Helen Hunt Falls

 My Dad's favourite view, down some random sketchy road

 Pikes Peak 14,110 ft. 
The scariest drive up a mountain, full of switchbacks with no gaurdrails

Happy to be far away from the edge. I hate heights!

Packing woes

Oh, Moving...

For some reason my Type A, list making, organizational freak of a personality believed this would be fun. Moving is so not fun.

It's been a challenge staying while trying to pack, move and sell furniture, and while still having to live and function day to day, you know?

The good news is most of our "stuff" is now in a POD storage unit and we don't have much else to move.
The bad news...well, there isn't really any bad news. Except that I packed away most of my shoes and am starting to miss a few pairs.

Two more weeks until we are officially out of here.
Two and a half more months until possession on our new home.
Two and a half months of living with the in-laws and Charlie

 I will be counting down every minute of it!

Hair Salon progress

Remember the little design project I am working on for the Home Hair Salon?
Well, here is an update!

The cabinets and counters are all installed and look great! It adds so much functionality to the space.
Originally we had planned on painting the entire area a soft, taupey-grey (ICI O'Keeffe Grey) and adding a Tiffany Blue feature wall in  to the waiting area (not pictured), which would serve as a accent area for a photo gallery. As you can see below, the Salon Owner decided to paint the entire space in a soft blue.

 Original Selections

I say, it's your space and you gotta love it! Even if that means changing the design plan  ; )

The salon chair and sink have just arrived and are waiting to be installed.
Next up will be the stone feature wall. We are toying with the idea of installing the stone behind the shelves. Once the stone is up, the space will look so much more complete and we can start accessorizing (the fun part!).

I am really excited to see the space come together, especially the waiting area. We have lots of fun furniture and accessories planned for it. Stay tuned!