A few weeks ago I celebrated my thirtieth birthday.
My husband had been teasing me for a month that he has a surprise planned, and he didn't disappoint.

We started the morning off with breakfast at the Hyatt downtown, a stroll around Stephen Ave (apparently to kill time), then back up to the Hyatt and the StillWater Spa. After a facial, massage, yummy lunch, body scrub and a pedicure-I felt so pampered and spoiled!

Scott's Mom forgot to buy candles so she improvised. Too funny :)
p.s-Dairy cream blizzard cupcakes are amazing

I have a feeling 30 will be a great year..Can't wait to experience all the surprises it has in store!

My favourite blogs

I love blogs, and love discovering new-to-me blogs even more. I am always curious what other people like to read, so I thought I would share my favourite blogs with you, in case you are curious too!

Favourite DIY Blog: Little Green Notebook

I have been a huge fan of this blog for years. I love Jenny's creative DIY's and eclectic home & design sense. This decoupage chair project is probably one of my most favourite DIY's to date!

Favourite Foodie Blog: Joy the Baker

I own Joy's 1st cookbook, and am so excited for the next one! If the first book is any indication of great recipes (hello brown butter peanut butter rice crispies) then the second one is sure to be on heavy rotation in my kitchen. Her recipe index is something else...check it out!

Favourite Interior Design Blog: Peppermint Bliss

Another blog I have been glued to for years. Bailey (Owner of Biscuit Home goods and blogger of Peppermint bliss) is hilarious and witty and her designs are so unique. I love her use of colour (something I am always so scared of) and have really enjoyed watching her design journey over the years. She serves as inspiration to me that if you work hard and love what you do, you can create something you love and are proud of.

Favourite Personal Style Blog: Gal meets Glam

If you are really into clothes (like I am) and realllly into being girly (Yep), then this blog is for you! I love Julia's classic, girly style with a twist. She has a great eye for putting together outfits and I always love seeing what she comes up with.
It doesn't hurt that she lives in San Francisco, where the weather can be cooler. Most personal style bloggers seem to live in warmer climates. I want to relate to someone who has to wear boots and coats as much as we Canadians do!

Favourite Lifestyle Blog: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Hands down, my most favourite blog ever. Emily's website has it all-personal style, recipes, DIY, Entertaining & more. Her Friday post-'5 things' is something I look forward to reading every week. It serves as a reminder to enjoy the little things in life...

So, there you have it! All the blogs I read on a daily basis.
I would love to know if you have any recommendations...I am always on the lookout for more to add to my list :)

Pregnancy Update: 1st Trimester (12 Weeks)


 How far along: 12 weeks and 3 days.

Weight gain: I lost some weight in the beginning due to naseau, but have seemed to gain it back. Currently at 118lbs, zero pounds gained.

Baby size:  2.5 inches (size of a plum)

Maternity clothes: Living in dresses, looser tops and leggings lately. Pants are starting to get a bit tight. Sports bras are a must while sleeping (hello soreness!). I've tried on a few maternity items for fun, but think I can make it most of the way without buying too much.

Growing Pains: Nothing yet, but I have been blessed with a very itchy case of hives. This is pretty typical for me though, I have super sensitive skin. So itchy!

Sleep: Pretty good. Up a few times in the night to go potty.

Least favourite moment: Hormones. You are not helping my skin.
Favourite moment: Our first ultrasound. And treating myself to a facial (see above complaint)

Miss anything: Um, wine. And having the energy and motivation to work out. 

Movement:  You mean besides my hips expanding? Just kidding. Nothing yet.

Food cravings: Milk! I must drink 3 large glasses a day. I can't get enough peanut butter, either-Something I didn't eat much of before pregnancy.

Sickness: Earlier on certain smells would make me queasy, especially dog food.

Moods: Not much different, pretty happy most of the time. I think I am going through the typical first time mom thoughts..."Am I ready for this?", "Will I be a good mom?", "SUPEREXCITED/CAN'TWAIT/BABIESSSS!". It's pretty much all I think about right now :) 

Looking forward to: Moving into our new home and getting started on the nursery. Welcoming our new puppy into the family. And our 18 week ultrasound.

I am currently 14.5 weeks pregnant, and wrote this a few weeks back so to start documenting my pregnancy ; )